About us

Snake River Lockers

Snakeriver Lockers is the result of a collection of passions and skills passed from a father to a son in the Pacific North-West.

Angler and designer Steve Carroll has fished most of his life. From growing up on the banks of the Merrimack River in Massachusetts to fishing the San Joaquin Delta for striped bass in California as a teenager. A love of fishing that was instilled bone deep in him by his father, Steven D. Carrol Sr., Steve's father worked with metal construction for his livelihood and bonded with his children on the riverbanks in his off hours, modeling a life and work style that his son would take as his own.

After leaving the U.S. Navy, Steve set down roots in southern Idaho. Working as a draftsman for steel manufacturers and enjoying the abundant fishing Idaho has to offer, and starting a healthy family.

Taking up kayaking soon after his marriage, he brought his love for fishing out onto the water and soon began to take part in local fishing competitions, and even pioneered catching white sturgeon from a kayak.

He participated in his local kayak bass tournament trail and found success in 2018 by winning the Kayak Fishing Idaho Championship which was quickly followed up with an Angler of the Year win the following season.

His interest in kayak fishing crossed over into his metalwork and design skill when he began to build rod holders, camera mounts and his own trailers to haul his favorite kayaks.

A storage solution for rods and tackle began to appear in these designs and in the most natural way Snake River Lockers began to take form.

As word spread among his fishing friends, Steve realized that many people in the fishing community were looking for a secure storage solution for transporting tackle but most lacked the skills to solve this problem for themselves.

Now Steve strives to design and manufacture quality solutions for angler's across the country.

Whether you are hunting alligator gar in Texas, fly fishing in Montana, Ice fishing in North Dakota or catching white sturgeon in Idaho, a better way to transport gear helps all of us get out to the water faster and with more confidence. One less thing to worry about when you are ready to get your line in the water.